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Since information entered in the inquiry form corresponds to "personal information," Kongo Special Nail Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Our Company") handles it with the greatest care. Specific handling method is described below. Upon your agreement to all this, you are kindly requested to fill in your personal information.
With regard to personal information, we handle it according to "About the handling of personal information" based on our "Persona Information Protection Guidelines."
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* Whether you give your personal information or not is up to your own decision. However, if you are not ready to provide your personal information, we may not answer to your inquiry or communicate with you.
2. Scope of use of personal information entered
(1) Our Company never uses personal information for other purposes than described in 1.
(2) Our Company never provides your filled-in personal information to any third party.
3. Management of filled-in personal information
(1) Our Company takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, leakage, and alteration of, filled-in personal information.
(2) Our Company, when we obtain filled-in personal information to be out, takes measures to protect information in communication by using data encryption technology.
4. Personal information protection administrator
Personal information protection administrator of Our Company is as shown below:
Kongo Special Nail Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Sales department
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